My life…A reading marathon!

Sophie Hawkey-Edwards is Senior learning and development officer in West Dunbartonshire libraries and museums, Scotland.  She blogs here about her role as a CKG 2014 judge.  

Sophie Hawkey Edwards

Sophie Hawkey-Edwards

From November 2013 to January 2014 my life became a reading marathon! I read in bed, I read on the train to work, I read on my lunch breaks, I read in the bath, I read on my sofa, my Ma’s sofa, my friends’ sofas … I read in the back of cars, I read in the supermarket, I read on the bench by the zoo, I read everywhere! I even appeared to be reading in my sleep. In all I think we had about seventy-five young adult and junior books to read and nearly seventy picture books. I never knew reading could be hard work! Don’t get me wrong; it was hard locking myself away and trying to make sure I gave each book the attention it deserved and I missed seeing my lovely friends as often as I might have but it was a great experience and it was good to get some lively discussions going with fellow library folk at the first judging meeting. Now it’s almost time to head back to the judging chamber and decide who wins the fabulous Carnegie and Greenaway medals. I suspect it will be a difficult decision, possibly with a few frustrated tears along the way and will most definitely involve far too much coffee and cake. And some more reading …

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