Shadower Imogen: Hoping to detect the perfect book!

This post has been submitted by Imogen Bowen, a year ten pupil at Shelley College and an avid CKG shadower in  judge Alison Brumwell’s region.

I’ve been involved in Carnegie Shadowing since year 7 when I joined the Scissett Middle School Book Group. We followed a haphazard system where everyone read whichever books they wanted and somehow we all managed to have conversations about each book we had read. In both my years involved with this group, none of our favourite titles actually won, but here’s hoping that this time I might be a bit better at detecting the perfect book!

I’m now a year ten pupil at Shelley College and regrettably, juggling revision and homework has had me reading a lot less than I would like. However, our book group have finally been provided with numerous copies of the shortlisted books this year and we are all keen to start reading! At the minute I am reading The Wall by William Sutcliffe and enjoying it more than I originally thought I would (always a pleasant surprise), and my eyes are set on The Bunker Diary for my next read.

As I said, I’ve been short on reading time so had little chance to read many of the originally shortlisted books when they were announced. I had already read and thoroughly enjoyed Ketchup Clouds by Annabelle Pitcher, but was new to the novel All The Truth That’s In Me which was also on the longlist. I can safely say it is one of the best books for young adults that I’ve read in a while and easily surpassed any of my expectations. So far, for me, it’s the one I’m betting on to win, but there’s still time and 7 more books before I can safely say it is, The One. My only criticism was that the paperback cover is a much worse representation of the powerful story it is and for me (a self-proclaimed book-cover-judger) this is a VERY big deal.

Despite some mild disappointment over Ketchup Clouds not making the shortlist and one of my favourite authors, Maggie Steifvater, not making it past the nominations, I think this year’s Carnegie Medal Shortlist is a fair representation of plenty of genres and styles, some of which I wouldn’t normally read.”

Imogen Bowen


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