Alison Cassels is the CKG Judge for Yorkshire & The Humber YLG and is a Reading Officer in Wakefield.

Inspired by the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The pile of books was rising fast

As through the office trolley passed,

A Porter pushing, loaded high.

The Reader saw them with a sigh

I must read more!


Temptation strews the rocky path

The box set and the long, deep bath

But tea in hand with fixéd eye

Still soared that clarion battle cry

‘I must read more!’


At break of day, as heavenward

On glorious tide of words she soared,

She’d lived a hundred different lives,

Seeing the world through others’ eyes.

‘I must read more!’



In that gigantic paper mound

Half buried in the text was found

The Reader, with an eye serene,

Inspired by all she’d read and seen

‘I must read more!’


The mountain climbed, the battle won,

The textual notes are used and done

And now the frantic reading’s past

Will books be laid aside at last?

‘I must read more!’



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