A gargantuan 44,377 pages

Amy Powell

Amy Powell is Librarian for Children and Young in Telford

and is the West Midlands CKG Judge.

As a second year judge I desperately tried to continue the pace of my reading as soon as the winners for 2017 were announced, with the aim of familiarising myself with as many eligible titles as possible before nominations even opened.  I was so glad that I had taken this approach when a mammoth 121 books were nominated for the 2018 Carnegie Medal and 116 for the 2018 Kate Greenaway medal.

Meaning in total 237 books were been nominated for 2018, that’s a gargantuan 44,377 pages!  To read all of these books in such a short amount of time, with Christmas in the middle, is a huge challenge- needless to say I found myself reading every spare waking moment!

Now we have our amazing shortlist it’s time to reread each title that has reached this stage and add to the huge amount of notes on each, to make that all important decision of which books are going to be the 2018 winners!!


Amy P

Me with my reading piles of nominations for both the Carnegie and the Kate Greenaway Medals 2018!

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