The results are announced, and a big thank you

Well, the results are announced and shadowing has ended for this year – or has it?  With two such wonderful winners, and such an amazing shortlist for both awards I do hope you have enjoyed the experience of shadowing the medals.  I know I have enjoyed reading some of your reviews and comments – I couldn’t read them all – there were too many for one person to get through!  But, a huge thank you for all your enthusiasm and comment, it was great to know that you were reading alongside me and all the judges.

The 2017 CILIP Carnegie Medal was awarded to Ruta Sepetys for ‘Salt to the Sea’  – a tragic story hidden away for many years, but brought to life for us in a totally enthralling story of a group of  refugees trying to escape during WWII.  It had many echoes for me of the plight of so many people across the world today, trying to escape persecution, starvation and fear.  We live with the characters through their weariness as they journey in hope, then worry as they try to get tickets to board the ship.  We share their feelings of claustrophobia on the overcrowded boat, and then the awful terrifying end as the boat is attacked.  But even then, there is a sense of hope at the ending of the book – some people cared and looked out for each other.  This is a read that will stay with me for a very long time.

The 2017 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal went to Lane Smith for ‘A Tribe of Kids’ which is a sheer delight of a book following a child as they explore the natural world; they journey through different habitats, meeting different groups of animals and actually almost mirroring the animals they meet, until the lonely child finds they are a member of the tribe of kids – all different, but all children.  The use of colour and technique in this book makes it a beautiful read.   There is warmth and wit in the play and imagination shown in the final spreads showing how the children are influenced and inspired by the world around them, suggesting ideas around the way nurture and environmental factors can be formative in growth.  A book I will keep and share with children for a very long time.

cilip-2017-ckg-medal-winners-1.jpg2017 CILIP Carnegie winner Ruta Sepetys and 2017 CILIP Kate Greenaway winner Lane Smith

But is it actually all over this year?  As this is our special celebratory year there are still things you can do in your shadowing groups. Have you been following the amazing Jake Hope’s special anniversary blog – covering all the past winners?  Why not try a few of them for your group?  You can even adopt a book for your group – have a look and choose a book for your group.

I do hope you will all have the opportunity to shadow again next year – I’m starting to read books that will be eligible and there are some fantastic stories out there already. Thanks again – see you next time.

Tricia Adams
Chair of CKG Judges


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