CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway

Musings of a CKG Judge (with apologies to William Wordsworth)


Alison Cassels is the CKG Judge for Yorkshire & The Humber YLG and is a Reading Officer in Wakefield.

I read and wandered like a cloud

Until my life was #CKG’d

Then all at once I saw a crowd

A host, of wondrous books to read.

Beneath my desk, piled on the floor

Through every post came more and more.


As many as the books that shine

And tempt you from a library bay

They stretched in never-ending line

For every mood and every day.

Two hundred plus I do believe

Stood fluttering forty thousand leaves.


Fuelled with coffee/tea/gin/sherry

I plunged into the pile with glee

A Judge could not but be merry

With such distinguished #CKG

And as I read I often thought

What wealth to me these books had brought.


Outstanding read and visual treat,

The stories nestle in my heart.

Fine words with glorious pictures meet,

Rich feast of writing and of art.

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances like the Daffodils.