Read, read, read….!

Amy Powell is Librarian for Children and Young in Telford

and is the West Midlands CKG Judge.

Amy Powell

I have always loved reading and so my job as a Librarian is no big surprise to my nearest and dearest.

I love my job and am in the very fortunate position of raving to others about the joys of reading for pleasure and being able to offer them a wonderful never-ending supply of amazing stories for free through the public library service.

I have lead Carnegie Greenaway Awards Shadowing Groups in the past and have read the longlists for each award for the last 4 years, so to have the opportunity to be on the judging panel for 2016/17 is one of the most exciting and greatest honours of my life! I would say I have loved every minute of it but admittedly there have been some tough times too, like preparing for Christmas with a young family and working full time and literally not having the time to put a book down for fear of not reading them all in time to create the long list- LOTS of caffeine and chocolate required! As a judge you kind of already feel as though you have had Christmas by the time December arrives, as you literally receive one parcel of wonderful goodness after another as soon as the nominations list’s announced. I got to know my postman very well! Then you have piles of brand new, amazing books everywhere which I could quite happily live amongst; however it’s not always practical when you live with other people and have children.  When it got to the point where we thought we were going to have to eat Christmas dinner off piles of books my husband built me a library in our garage- which was all of my dreams come true!!

Amy 1

The excitement of me being a CKG Judge has rubbed off on the young people who are part of our Reading Hack group in Telford &Wrekin Libraries and they have eagerly wanted to know each and every step. They certainly tested my loyalty to being a judge by trying to squeeze the longlist and shortlist titles out of me before they were officially released – to no avail I must add!

Here are some pictures of them exploring the shortlist titles in a very novel way- which I can’t take credit for as it was an idea I got from fellow judge, Jenny Hawke. Each title shortlisted was put on a Twister mat and every time they landed on one of them they had to read the first couple of pages to the rest of the group- definitely whet their appetites and inspired them to get reading all of those wonderful titles!!

Amy 2

Amy 3


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