Dear authors…

Matt Imrie is the librarian at Farringtons School, Chislehurst and the YLG London judge.

the passion of the carnegie judge

Dear authors & illustrators

It has recently come to the attention of followers of the CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals that some of you* have been making regular appearances on the long and short lists over the years.

These watchers of CKG have approached me and asked me to have a word with you about this; I explained to them that it is not possible for judges to disallow your books from being listed on the basis that you made it on last year (and in some cases previous years too) without bringing the Awards into disrepute. We then went on to discuss that while there have been first-time authors & artists that have won the medals, the main purpose of the Awards is to recognize outstanding work in writing and illustration rather than to introduce new writers & artists or boost sales of the books although they are welcome side-effects.

Now I know that you (as do all writers) do your damnedest to produce the best work you are capable of and (through no fault of your own), the material you produce is of consistently high quality so your books get recognized, read and submitted for nomination, as do the works of many other excellent writers and artists for children and young people.

There is some concern that you will be the recipient of a Medal and I just want to let you know that we will scrutinise your work as carefully as we do the works of other authors and when we come to select the most outstanding books from short lists of already outstanding titles we will do so without fear or favour. They are worried that the works of established writers & artists overshadows the work of newer creators, some of whom will no doubt go on to be selected on the basis of their outstanding work now or in the future.

Anyway the reason I write this is to say hi, thank you for amazing work and please continue to do what you are already doing so well!

All the best

The CKG Judges (2016)




*You know who you are


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