Hello Shadowers!

Tanja Jennings

Welcome to CKG  2016. My name is Tanja Jennings and I am a School Librarian at Wellington College, Belfast in Northern Ireland. I am delighted to have the honour, privilege and pleasure of being a CKG judge this year. After delving into a cornucopia of richly illustrated texts and vibrant, breath-taking and imaginative reads, the judges have decided upon two stellar longlists which we all hope you will enjoy exploring.

With these books you will travel through fantastical landscapes, the raw emotions of believable characters, countries decimated by the horror of war, teenage lives altered by surprising circumstances, injustice, dark dreams and treacherous lies. As the stories unwind you will discover how important it is for the protagonists to be true to themselves and establish their own identity as they make difficult choices and battle many obstacles. The authors featured showcase a dazzling array of different styles and genres, conjuring wonderful words that produce lyrical language and startling imagery. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes thought-provoking, they will enrich your vocabulary, challenge your mind, set your imagination on fire and, perhaps, inspire you to be writers of the future.

Turning from the Carnegie to the Greenaway, you will experience playful, humorous, emotional, evocative, clever, colourful and exquisitely creative texts, which you will want to reread to appreciate the sheer skill involved in creating them. From bears to  hyenas to pandas to reinvented sleeping princesses to gothic adventures to pirates to complaining crayons to journeys, the books sparkle with moments that celebrate fairy tales, friendship, family, art, reading, culture, nature, the animal world and human kindness.

Have fun blogging, vlogging and reviewing these astounding creations. What will make your shortlist?


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