An ode to CKG judging

Sophie Hawkey-Edwards is Senior Learning Development Officer for Dumbarton


I love to read wherever I can,
Such as when I am stuck in a traffic jam,
And there’s precious little else to do,
When cosying down in the library loo.
Mid-morning a reader recommends
A graphic novel that completely transcends
The jammy dodger on my saucer,
I read at luncheon and meeting an author.

Then after my day of work is done,
I read on my roller-skates on the home run,
Reaching my pad I open the door,
The postie’s brought parcels of new books galore.
The life of a CKG book judge,
Means reading a tome whilst you’re stirring some fudge,
Or sawing a sturdy plank in two,
As you stalk the plot and decipher a clue.

I read with a glass of grog and lime,
But on an adventure’s the perfectest time:
I read when climbing dinosaur trees,
To the sounds of the cheese-sneezing flutterbees,
And feast on words submerged in a loch,
As the barnacled turtles all laugh and mock.
Swimming with books is an utter hoot,
Until you’re captured by buccaneers hirsute,

When, as a prisoner, books are best,
What else would you find in a privateer’s chest?
Whilst reading up in the nest of crows,
I battle the pirates of terrible prose,
Their cannon are primed with dodgy verse
As they jostle and holler, cutlass and curse,
I open a book and start to read,
My foes sit to listen and battle concede.

Such adventures have lead me to this:
Judging the CKG book awards is bliss.
And thus my judging blog unravels
Longlist to shortlist, such fabulous travels;
So I urge you to read through the lot,
As words brighten your soul by a megawatt –
When reading we see supernovas,
Great books are magic as everyone knowses.


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