CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway

At the end of our shared journey: a special thank you to shadowers


A special  letter to  shadowers from Helen Thompson, Chair of the 2014 judging panel

Helen Thomson – Chair of Judges

Well, here we are at last! What a journey, from being presented with the list of nominated titles – 76 for the Carnegie, and 61 for the Kate Greenaway – to the final, exhausting, judging meeting where the winners were finally identified. Every step of the way we, the judges, have felt your presence through your reviews, magazines and pages.

It is wonderful to be able to share the excitement of exploring these amazing books with you, to hear your passion, and to know that Shadowing Groups all over the world are spreading the joy of reading.

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for taking part in this year’s shadowing, and helping to make the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards so very special. I very much look forward to meeting some of you as judges in future years!

The 2014 CILIP Carnegie Award goes to Kevin Brooks for ‘Bunker Diary’. An uncompromising book that explores the darkest heart of humanity, and shines a light on the strength and unflinching morality that lies within us all, should we choose it. The judges chose ‘Bunker Diary’ for its incredible characterisation and completely credible plot. Kevin Brooks refuses any easy solutions, and maintains the diary format throughout – creating a real world for the reader to inhabit fully. ‘Bunker Diary’ is undeniably a book that transports the reader to a place that, at the time ofreading, feels very real. It is a book that can be read and reread without losing any of its power, and we feel that it should join the canon of previous winners as a new classic.

The judges chose ‘This is Not My Hat’, by Jon Klassen, as the winner of the 2014 Kate Greenaway Award. Klassen uses colour and simple, clear shapes to transport the reader deep beneath the surface of a vast lake. Synergy between text and illustration is effortless, witty and very satisfying. The sense of movement, tension and comic timing created by tiny bubbles, eyes and deadpan text perfectly balanced by the illustrations is outstanding. ‘This is Not My Hat’ works on many levels, and is a satisfying visual experience that can be shared again and again.

I hope that you have enjoyed your shadowing experience, and that you will join us again next year. Who knows what delights are being written and published in readiness for nomination? Go along to your local library, and explore their new books. Can you identify any that might appear on the nominations list in November? Next year’s judges are doing just that – why not join them?