My Year 11’s book club: reading, chocolate and revision!

Hannah Thomson is a Learning Resource Centre Manager at Foxford School and Community Arts College. She blogs here about her role as a judge for the 2014 Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards.

This month I have been in overdrive and although my reading for this year’s Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards is coming to an end, I am now catching up with all of the other delicious books that I have missed out on whilst Hannah Thomsondistracted by this year’s shortlist!

I have really enjoyed meeting with secondary school students. The Yr. 11 girls within my own reading group have been moving into exam season and our book clubs have been full of reading but also chocolate fuelled and revision led!

I was also invited to speak with two reading groups from Staffordshire University Academy earlier this month, to talk to them about the judging process and the shortlisted CKG titles. We had a great time (and I LOVED it!) it is always a huge treat for me to speak to young people and I love hearing their own views and opinions about books.

They were incredibly enthusiastic and it really was quite refreshing to hear their viewpoints after all of the discussions and tweets that I had been reading. They had very definite perspectives on some of the titles, and views that were always fresh and thoughtful. I hope that I inspired them as much as they inspired me!

Meeting and listening to students helps me to believe that whatever the subject matter, a book is always a safe place. I believe that this year’s shortlist has very much allowed them the opportunity to ask questions and form opinions and viewpoints about experiences outside of their own. Isn’t that why we all, as readers, keep going back for more?


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